How to spend 100k+40k Eternal Token Raid The Dungeon


It's very simple, how get Eternal Token but it's very limited time so you have to hurry before this voucher expires

Go to settings > More > Enter Coupon

1. THANKLOVE : you will get 100k Tokens via mail

2. WELCOME2022 : you will get 40+ tokens and other items via mail

how to get Eternal Token by farming?

First you can see how to get an item in Item Crate and you will see Eternal Token

1. can be obtained by deactivating equipment in hell and higher or exchanging in the shop

Can be used on hell equipment and advanced companion random chests

We can get Eternal tokens through item craft, but we need Eternal shard tokens. then how to get Eternal Token Shard?

1.obtained by destroying sacred equipment

2. Adventure > Rift

3. Adventure > Dungeon

after you finish Rifts or Dungeons you usually get items in Deposit Disenchant or just destroy the item if it's not important, then you can get Eternal Shard tokens which can later be exchanged for craft items into Eternal Tokens.


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